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Yes we print Business Cards!

Do we print business cards? A question asked almost daily.
Yes we can, but before we start there are some questions you have to answer:

Do you have artwork, something for us actually to print?
If not we can do that for you, but it helps us and makes the job cheaper if you can give us guidance in how you want the finished job to look, & if you are able to supply any required logos and links.

Then you’ll need to decide if you want a colour card or a black and white card. Colour looks nicer, black is cheaper.

Do you want it to print 1 side or both sides.
One side could be bit crowded if you include lots of detail such as phone, fax, mobile, email websites, or both sides may be good to allow extra detail or show appointment times, etc.

After that you will have to tell us if you’d like a celloglaze, a thin plastic coating over the card.
This comes in a matt or gloss finish and can make a business card look really smart, and also offers some longevity, so the cards don’t become dog-eared with age and the recipient will have your card for longer. The down side is that it adds a little to the cost.

Once all these things have been determined the final decision is quantity.
How many will you need? A few too many will be better than too few because of the economies of scale we offer in our pricing structure. Having said that you don’t want to be stuck with thousands of cards in your cupboard when you find you have to change your mobile number, or your address, or maybe you’ll get a promotion? So, obviously, just order for your immediate needs, enough for about 6 months. Your artwork will be safely archived for when you need changes made, or a reprint. But don’t be frugal with your cards; if an opportunity arises give one to everyone you meet. They may not need it but they could pass it on to someone who does. There is no point in ordering 500 cards and still having 250 in 2 years time! They are a tool of business and not so expensive. Be liberal with them and they will earn their keep.


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