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Brochures and Fliers

Your business or company will need promotion. There is no end of ways to do this, with options including television and radio advertising, internet websites and advertising, and print. Print needs to be in the mix as it is the only tactile medium available and your prospective customers still like to hold a brochure and peruse it at their leisure. We can design for you an impressive Corporate brochure, flier or booklet.

We can print as many or as few as you like but we discourage our customers from printing too many at one time, under the illusion that it is cheaper to print more. If you print more it will cost you more. The unit price may be lower but there is no point paying good money to store your brochures in a cupboard, thinking they may come in handy, only to have the Government add a digit to your phone number, or the landlord increases the rent and you have to alter your address details, or you purchase a new domain and have to amend your email. Just spend as little as you need and your information can be regularly updated so that your brochure is always as up to date as it can possibly be.

Despite email and the pervasiveness of the Internet there is still room for newsletters. Far more pleasant is the feel and ease of use of a hard copy for your customers (or potential customers) to read at their leisure. We can do these for you economically as a single or double side page, a folded sheet or a stapled booklet. Usually the finishing can be done online, meaning it is processed on the machine during printing, reducing added handling costs. Your newsletter can be produced in colour or black only at surprisingly low costs, all the cheaper if you supply the document to print, preferably as a PDF file, reducing the likelihood of reformatting when processing on a different computer than your own.

Your reputation and image are what are represented in your corporate brochures so put some effort into preparing and maintaining it; it says a lot about who you are, what you do and how professionally you go about doing it.

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