Other Services

So you have your job printed but you need more?

Apart from our printing services we can supply:

VARIABLE DATA and PERSONALISATION is a growth area for marketing your business, and for good reason. Figures have shown that in a generic mail out or letterbox drop you can expect a response rate of around 1% or less. While that may sound miserable it is probably more than enough to pay for the promotion. On the other hand, if you have a mailing list that you have generated from your own sources, or have “procured” a list by other means we can prepare your information, print variable information on it, pack and send it for you. From this distribution you might expect a response of up to 10%! That’s 10 new customers instead of just 1! If you’re interested please talk to us first to ensure that you don’t waste time and money preparing it the wrong way.

LAMINATING in house 1000mm wide, in either gloss or matt lamination.
As well as your common or garden-variety laminating we offer a CELLOGLAZING service, ideal for giving your business cards or presentations a touch of class. It also offers great protection to make your business cards last longer so your prospects will hang on to them for longer.
You want BINDING? Would you like it comb bound, wire bound, thermal bound, Koil bound or stapled? What colour would you like the bind?

Do you need it PUNCHED for inserting to ring binder? Does it need SCORING? FOLDING? COLLATING? Many of these functions can be performed while your job is printing, rather than as a separate process, saving you time and money, not to mention the stress.
For relatively simple jobs we have self-serve copiers at the front of the shop which will save you money, though not necessarily time.

But we are not just a print shop. We can produce your RUBBER STAMPS as well (they still have a place). We can send and receive faxes for you, SCAN your photographs or your documents for archival purposes or email them to you. We can even scan your posters and giant Family Tree.

Many of our clients want a print job but have nothing to print; we have a CREATIVE team ready to supply your every need be it for a corporate logo and stationery or the family Christmas card. Our artwork is prepared using industry leading software from Adobe.
No business can do everything but so that we almost can we have alliances with many Sydney printers to supply other services that we don’t have in-house.

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