Big Prints

So let’s talk about large format printing…

For outright impact you can’t beat a good poster. And that’s what we can give you. Not only a good poster but a BIG poster. A0 posters (1188mm x 840mm) are a doddle for this machine. Printed on quality photo paper, or synthetic paper for durable pull-up banners.


We specialize in retractable banners. We do a lot of them so we are good at them. Because we are good at them we do a lot of them…

Freestanding Posters

We can print from your hard copy, slide, or negative, but the most stunning results come from your digital images. Provided they have adequate resolution the results are breathtaking, printed on our wide-format HPZ6100 printer in 6 process colours onto quality photo stock or even canvas. And to finish off, we can stretch your canvas over a frame, or block mount your poster. There is no end to the uses for this fabulous machine; beautiful commemorative or celebratory pictures for anniversaries, special moments and the like or your arty projects; themed series portraits or pictures, montages and collages, Year 12 Major Works – the possibilities are endless. If you can create it, we can print it. We’ve even printed some lightbox backlits with amazing results.

If you print posters you will need to put them somewhere and we can supply any sort of stand, mounting or lightbox you may require. Many screen printing services have been replaced by large format poster printing options so contact us to see what we can offer.

Is there something I forgot to mention?

Just ask and be astounded by the things we can do for you or your business.

Plan printing is a service not always easy to find. Look no further…

FINGER-Printing is one of the very few print companies on the Northern Beaches offering this service. We produce regular work for architects, draughtsmen, builders and surveyors from all over the Northern Beaches.


Our KIP 3000 laser plan printer will photocopy or print documents from A4 to A0 size, or 36″ wide, print out at the same size or enlarge or reduce by 1% increments. This is not necessarily restricted to plans but that tends to be it’s most common use (if you’re a cross-stitch or tapestry enthusiast, you will certainly appreciate working from a larger graph!) We can print on Bond or Tracing paper, and just to make your life easier you can email your plans to us (or bring them on a disk or USB) and we’ll print them out, ready for collection at your convenience, or arrangements can be made for delivery. As an added bonus we can assist with your archiving by scanning your plans to .TIFF or .PDF to be emailed to you or we’ll burn a disk.

And we can do the reverse, too. Bring your hard copy plans and we can scan them to disk, or just email them to you.

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